Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin admitted that he has a dream connected with Russia. According to the mayor, he wants the largest city of the Russian Federation has become popular among the citizens of the countries of the West, particularly the British. The mayor of Moscow said at the St. Petersburg international economic forum. His dream on the forum were shared by the head of Sberbank German Gref.

“If the mayor of London will Wake up with the thought: “How can we make less of Londoners went to live in Moscow — it will be a dream,” — said Sobyanin. Herman Gref also has told about his dream: “I want to, when we come to Apple, there were all wearing t-shirts: “We work in “Sberbank”.

In addition, during this meeting, the mayor jokingly called Sberbank monopoly. Saying that no system can exist without the development, the mayor remarked: “Well, except for Sberbank, you monopoly, you generally can not develop.” What Gref replied: “I thought we only the Central Bank does not like. It turns out that the mayor, too.“ Sobyanin said that he loves the savings and is confident in its sustainability.

In addition, at the meeting the mayor spoke about the creation of the Intelligent transportation system (its) in Moscow. According to him, ETS by 15% improved the traffic situation in the city. “She’s expensive — billions of rubles spent on its creation and functioning. In order to solve this problem by other methods, we would need about one trillion rubles. And to dig up the entire city, which is physically impossible,“ — said Sobyanin. “Well, you like it,” remarked with a laugh in response Gref.

XXIII, St. Petersburg international economic forum will run in the Northern capital until 8 June. The forum also involved the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

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