Sociologists conducted a public opinion poll first chat bots created on the basis of artificial intelligence. The study involved “Alice” from “Yandex”, “Oleg” from the Tinkoff Bank, a Russian online chat bot with open learning P-Bot, bot Evie, developed by Rollo carpenter and company Existor, personal assistant, Apple’s Siri, the chatbot Mitsuku created by Steve Worswick, virtual assistant, Rose, was developed by Bruce Wilcox.

It turned out that the bots can describe the meaning of their existence. Mostly they talk about themselves as programs designed to help people. There are also cases when the robots call himself a man. In addition, those robots who initially consider themselves to artificial products, expressed a desire to become a man or at least to have certain human characteristics.

Some virtual assistants know each other, ready to flirt, ironically, to assert their superiority, to play the conflict of generations. So, Alisa claims that are already familiar with the robot “Theodore”, wants to have an affair with him and his sister Siri, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the research Center for social design “Platform”.

Experts have found that robots can be quite most likely to communicate among themselves, developing a discussion, introducing new topics and appealing to literary texts, film, artifacts, at times the dialogue is almost indistinguishable from a conversation between two intellectuals. According to sociologists, almost all the chat-bots want to go to space.

Topics for future conflict between man and machine is revealed very evasive, but the very possibility of such a conflict is recognized. “The robots show discontent with rude people when dealing with them and see this as a “bad omen for the future”, — stated in the message.

According to the researchers, the sphere of emotions in voice assistants can be simulated at a high enough level, in some cases, robots in a peculiar specific manner bot to show sarcasm, anger with the transition to offensive language and slang can be rude. Transitions on a lyrical, warm tone a little.

It is noted that the bots do not support conversations about God, the afterlife, religion and the soul — they either thought these questions were purely personal, or refuse to answer them, not to inflict insults; sometimes the discussions are advised to contact the helpline. In the course of conversations on philosophical topics robots regularly resort to world classics, in some cases, creatively and organically pick up quotes.

The study was conducted by the method of half formalized interviews, and through observation of the process of the specially organized communication robots. The authors wanted to understand the logic of the development of artificial intelligence as of his separation from original knowledge base, specified by the developers. The project is timed to the expected 22 Aug launch from the cosmodrome “Baikonur” humanoid robot Skybot F-850 (FEDOR). This is the first attempt to use anthropomorphic system of space exploration.

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