Software update 1.5 thousand machines selling metro tickets and at the Moscow Central ring (ICC) before the launch of the first two routes of the Moscow Central diameters (IDC). About this Agency city news “Moscow” said Deputy Moscow mayor for transport Maxim Liksutov.

“To launch the Moscow Central diameters of more than 1.5 thousand for the sale of tickets located in the metro and CIP update software. In addition to all the types of tickets you can write to the card “Troika” tickets for travel on the IDC. The same opportunity will appear in the Central PPK machines at railway stations”, — said M. Liksutov.

He also noted that to pay the fare at the IDC will be the card “Troika” and all the way to contactless payment: Bank card PayPass/PayWave and gadgets with Samsung Pay, an Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Earlier the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin approved the fares for the IDC. The diameters are divided into three zones. Directions to the “Central” area will be equal to the trip on the subway and will be 38 rubles. at the “Wallet” card “Troika”, the area “Suburbs” — 45 rbl., and at the “Far” zone, the cost of the trip will consist of two components: a valid ticket on the train (23 rbl. for each area up to the boundaries of the IDC) plus 45 RUB

In addition, when the travel of the card “Troika” for passengers of all zones will operate a free transfer to the metro and the ICC. To pay the fare at the IDC will be valid tickets and commuter trains, but not use metro transfer and CIP will not be free. When contactless and cashless payment of fares on WDC for the “Central” area will be 42 RUB Rates were developed jointly with the Moscow region government, OJSC “Russian Railways” and the suburban passenger companies.

Deputy General Director of Russian Railways Oleg Tony reported earlier that the first two routes WDC-1 and WDC-2 will launch in November 2019 In the first two Crosstown routes would be a 66 stations, with 27 of them you can change to metro, ICC and radial Railways. The launch of the first two diameters will create about 900 thousand passengers per day.

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