TV and radio presenter Vladimir Solovyov joined the conversation Tina Kandelaki and Margarita Simonyan about the “dying” of television and urged to take into account several factors.

Solovyev stressed that one of the advantages of television is that “the vast majority of our citizens do NOT WANT to work in software Directors.” “Mode of watching TV is passive, if not background. People relax. They work activecialis and it is enough for simple switching of channels to select a program for viewing” — he said in his Telegram channel.

“Yes, and it is necessary to define the terminology. And TV is that? A large screen in the room? When I look at the iPad, the Netflix series — is Internet? But if I inspect with Apple TV home box is the TV?” — asks the warblers.

“Yes, and traditional TV has a very significant advantage. The television itself. The big screen. Decent quality sound. Easy to install and work and, of course, price,” — he added.

“Ultimately the important content. How it will be delivered to the consumer is secondary”, — said Solovyov.

On the eve Kandelaki commented on the recent sociological studies showing that TV lately is “watch less, and if they look, more and more do not trust.” Simonyan responded to her message, noting that television remains only one strategy — “to quickly decide where and how it wants to be buried.”

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