Apple decided to listen to the most frequent query from iPhone users and implement the required innovations in iOS 13. Today it became known that in addition to the dark theme in iOS 13 will be redesigned menu to adjust the sound. IOS 13 it will be fully updated and will cease to occupy the entire center of the display.

On really long-awaited change in the iOS 13 said the journalist of the resource XDA Max Weinbach citing reliable sources in the Apple. According to him, a huge menu, volume, iOS 13 is already processed. This means that it’ll appear in the new firmware, which will be presented on 3 June at the conference WWDC 2019.

So just got some amazing news…

In 13 the iOS volume HUD is gone! Apple is finally fixing their software!
It’s also supposed to be ground breaking but whatever.

— Max Weinbach (@mweinbachXDA) February 19, 2019

How will look updated menu adjust the sound at the moment is unknown. You know, that menu will no longer appear big square right in the middle of the display. Most likely, Apple will make a striped volume is thin and place it at the top of the screen. The company repeatedly offered to do so, and, it looks like Apple decided to listen.

Source: Twitter.


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