Apple is preparing a major improvement.

Apple has no plans to radically update the design of the iPhone in 2019. However, a marked improvement in terms of appearance from the newest smartphones Apple should be expected. As it became known today, Apple intends to use in the new iPhone 2019 OLED displays are a new type, which will make the flagship is thinner and lighter.

According to the source, Apple is using in iPhone 2019 flexible OLED touch-panel with an updated design. A key feature of the new panels will be that they will be integrated directly into the display. Currently, the sensor layer is located directly above the display.

Such a solution would allow Apple to make new iPhone is noticeably thinner and lighter. However, the source does not exclude that the thickness of the iPhone sample 2019 will not change in comparison with the previous models. It is not excluded that Apple uses the vacated space to equip new smartphones with batteries with increased capacity.

Earlier it became known that in 2019, Apple is planning to release three new iPhone. According to sources, the display sizes of new products will not change compared to the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR.

Source: ETNews.


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