One of the features of the Apple Watch Series 5 is the built-in digital compass, which can be useful to users for navigation. Only now it became known that the compass in the new Apple watch may not always work accurately. Adversely affect the accuracy may need some straps.

The compass in the Apple Watch Series 5 works on the basis of magnetoresistive permalloy sensor. It is also called a magnetometer. The sensor allows to determine the level of magnetism. However, straps with built-in magnets may affect the accuracy of the sensor and as a consequence compass.

In General, in such a situation is not surprising. Almost all compasses lose accuracy if near them to put a magnet. In fact, Apple just warned users about such features.

Now all the straps in the Apple Store, which feature magnetic closures have a note that they may adversely affect the operation of the compass in the Apple Watch Series 5.


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