Paul Gorodnitsky – about how cool and powerful company lives in utter of sync with time.

7-8 years ago the Sony Ericsson smartphones were the most original in the entire Android segment. While Samsung and HTC have churned out overpriced bricks, SE has released a gorgeous QWERTY gadgets, tiny devices, and even gaming Xperia Play.

I remember when rotated in the hands of the X10 Mini Pro is neither before nor after this model in the market does not appear anything like that. It is logical that it was at that time SE will come out.

Then Sony split from Ericsson and has presented one of the best flagship 2012 Xperia S. he had a compact body, a 4.3-inch screen (clearer than on the iPhone 4s), fast charging, great camera with a physical button and a cute transparent strip that shimmered with different colors. Ah Yes – the Xperia S got NFC module, but then no one really understood why you need it.

In early 2013, Sony once again hit the target: the Xperia Z was protected from water (uncommon for those times), and he got a 5-inch screen with FullHD-resolution. If what characteristics that are similar to devices from Samsung and HTC debuted later than the Japanese machine.

In the summer of 2013, Sony finally grew bolder and rolled out a space of 6.4-inch Xperia Z Ultra. Now this niche is occupied by Xiaomi with their Mi Max, and then “Ultra” made a big impression: thin, beautiful (especially the purple), glass, water resistant and really powerful. The device barely fit into the large men’s pants pocket, but journalists still admired.

The last animation from Sony – the first months of 2014, when the Japanese introduced the Xperia Z1 Compact, a 4.3-inch device with flagship hardware. He probably had to compete with the 4-inch iPhone 5s, but failed due to high prices and weak distribution.

And then Sony’s mobile business has finally turned into a circus. First, the company slowly and reluctantly changes the design – only this year the classic rectangle has finally changed to something more streamlined. Second, the Japanese just do not have time for trends – they have still not even mass bezrabotnykh. For example, one of the most popular today Sony smartphones looks like this. Sorry, but Xperia Sony XZ1 Compact is 2014 (at best):

Thirdly, Sony pathologically inept chooses names for new smartphones. Recently released in Russia Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium Limited Edition (the PRO version). There’s no sarcasm – this is the official name of the gadget for our market. The other Plus Dual XA1 and XA2 Ultra Dual also no better.

Fourth, the Xperia until recently, there were terrible problems with the cameras. And not by the modules, but purely with the footage was noisy, the colors were transferred is incorrect, the contrast also suffered. This is surprising, given that Sony supplies sensors to many producers – for example, the same Xiaomi. In General, it is strange that the creators of the great K750i now regularly shame with the quality of the pictures.

The fifth paragraph of marriage. Overheating, failure to charge, a spontaneous reboot: all these phenomena made Sony the underdog of the mobile market. Because of pricing, the Japanese too tight (prays consistently overestimated, and significantly), and people have already moved on Chinese smartphones. How to return the audience – is unclear.

However, the Japanese prefer not even to think – they live in isolation from reality and continue to release mediocre devices for 400-600 euros. Live like Xiaomi, Meizu and Huawei does not exist, is a good strategy for an ostrich, which hides in the sand, not objectively great Corporation that expects to return to the top of handset sales.

The most insulting that the Japanese have everything in order to be quoted on the level of Samsung and to fully compete with Apple. Judge for yourself: dear brand, high quality standards (everywhere except the Mobile segment), adequate Android-shell, fan-base (reduced, but still alive), decent sound, great camera modules – in short, with proper marketing and a complete change of strategy Sony can count on a comeback.

The problem is, what about “all-new, rethought the design,” we hear and read every year, but nothing really changes. So now the Japanese are much closer to the collapse in the smartphone market than the triumph.


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