12 August 1981, IBM introduced the world’s first personal computer. This is a turning point in history, which contributed to progress more than, according to many philosophers, the French revolution and the discovery of America.

Always date technical discoveries of the confusion, because science comes a common front. In the 1970-ies of personal computers produced by Apple, Xerox, Olivetti. IBM breakthrough was that for the first time was proposed by open architecture, and that made it easy to maintain and upgrade the computer and connect peripheral devices. Semi-annual sales plan was completed within three weeks. Through the year by Time magazine the personal computer “Machine of the year”, although in the past the electronics were not paying attention. According to forecasts, by the end of the twentieth century were expected to issue 80 million personal computers. The forecast was exceeded twice.

How in the world personal computers, it is impossible to say. The pioneers of computerization dreamed that each person had one personal computer. Now these views seem naive. The term has been blurred and displaced from use. New electronic gadgets replace the old one before it got used the user. Laptops, tablets, desktops and laptops, smartphones and cascades all kinds of iPhones — the descendants and heirs of the personal computer. Thanks to them for the 40 years life has changed beyond recognition, thus breaking old habits and creating a new lifestyle.

Artificial intelligence, which in the conception of the personal computer took science fiction, became a reflection of political leaders. How can change the world the progress of computers? When man was helpless, if he didn’t have skins, then a horse, a spear, a car. The man now useless without the laptop. The man who lost mobile phone, she feels worse than naked engineer on the landing.

Electronics stores like the Emporium. Young man with smartphone forgets what it looks like on the TV. People from the world of social networking go in the virtual space and captivate the imagination of millions of friends. Policy, trying to catch the future by the tail, written in the networks, conduct Internet conferences and talking with bloggers. But while the personal computer and the Internet threatens to undermine the sustainability of traditional boundaries.

Programmers rule the world, but the world is saved by the fact that they do not understand. How fortunate that the programmers did not think up their own trade unions. While they are harmless and eccentric: favourite drink — beer favourite food — noodles from the package; the girls find the sites and give them trinkets from the chips. But forever it can not continue. Soon programmers will drive the Marines from the fountains, and the parties to them will be show-all headed Kirkorov and Buzova.

The Creator of Cybernetics Norbert Wiener believed that a secure computer program is in principle impossible. Artificial intelligence, which is already knocking at our doors, feeling a limit to their expansion, should first destroy those who are able to disable it — the programmers themselves. It turns out that the people imagine digging a hole.

Suddenly a personal computer invented by IBM and Apple, is not good, the threat of man?

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