At the moment, the Apple I is one of the most rare and expensive Apple computers. Individual instances of the first Apple computer sold for 500 – 600 thousand dollars. However, the company SmartyKit budget offers everyone a way to possess a private copy of the Apple I. you will need to pay only about $ 100.

According to the data available in the near future SmartyKit released a special kit the Apple I. for Just $ 100, users get a processor MOS 6502 running at 1 MHz, and the ROM chip with a copy of the operating system Monitor. Assemble all the components into a working computer can be on the breadboard without soldering.

According to the representatives of SmartyKit, the build process is no different prohibitive complexity. To get your own copy of Apple I buyers will need only a couple of evenings.

Alas, but the computer cannot connect the drive. However, the operating system has two pre-installed applications: one allows you to write programs in BASIC, and the latter displays the face of Steve Wozniak, made of ASCII characters.

When exactly SmartyKit will start selling kits to build the Apple I is still unknown.


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