Screenshots and video game engine Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Company Niantic shared the long-awaited details about the new mobile game in augmented reality Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Game in the universe of “Harry Potter” will become the ideological heir of the hit mobile game Pokemon Go, stirred up the whole world in the summer of 2016. The first screenshots and gameplay Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was published on the official website of the game.

In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, players will assume the role of wizards, familiar to any fan of the series of books and films about the “Harry Potter”. Play will be for the Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and many other famous and not so famous characters of the Saga about the boy who lived.

As Pokemon Go, to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will need to leave home and seek with virtual objects in the real world. The developers promise a lot of objects to interact, social functions and even a duel wands with other players.

If Pokemon Go players had to catch pokemon, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will need to do battle with invading into the world of Muggles magic and its creatures. In the battles players will be able to choose different spells. Depending on the type of battle, certain spells will allow to cope with virtual enemies easier.

An important difference from Pokemon Go is the presence in the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, full-fledged locations in augmented reality. For example, players will be able to go to the shop “Magic wands from Ollivander’s”, “like” it and choose a new wand for future battles.

Release date Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to mid — 2019. At the moment the official launch date, no, but it is assumed that, as Pokemon Go, the game will be released in the summer, during the most successful time for games in augmented reality.

Today, March 11, page game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has appeared in Google Play. Owners of Android devices can already register for participation in future beta testing. Users of the iPhone this is not possible.

Note that the official website of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is completely Russified. Most likely, the next hit Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be released in Russia simultaneously with the world. Recall that the games were not officially available in Russia for a year and a half after release. However, millions of Russians were playing Pokemon Go, by installing the game in alternative ways.


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