Regional Ministry of social policy suggested that non-profit organizations (NPOs), providing citizens with social services to use a single electronic platform. This version of the interaction will greatly simplify bureaucratic processes for obtaining compensation from the state, and end users — life.

The human factor

On this theme in the Ministry a round table was held, which was attended by over 20 representatives of NGOs, public providers of social services and members of the Public chamber. Officials showed all the possibilities of interaction with organisations through the electronic platform, which allows you to avoid common mistakes when filling out paper documents: confusion with the dates of conclusion of contracts, frequency of services, lack of signatures, seals and much more — the human factor in such cases inevitably leads. In the latter cases, this leads to the fact that organizations are unable to obtain legal redress from the state, and in some cases become objects of public Prosecutor’s checks.

Sverdlovsk authorities already use electronic documents between state social service providers, but the region is actively increasing the number of NCOs: today there are 28 such organizations that work with children with disabilities and the elderly in need of outside help: go to the store, help with house cleaning, to provide home schooling.

“This system is already running. But now we enable the NDA to move to this area, where the car will not allow to make mistakes, but it will allow you to create automatic reports to the Ministry and to receive compensation. We thus get rid of handling piles of papers — human resource is not infinite. In this age of digitization, everything must be different”, — said the first Deputy Minister of social policy of Sverdlovsk region Yevgeny Shapovalov.

Indeed, progress is being made today. Of the 28 two NGOs — “rainbow of good” and “Our malachite” — have switched to this way of working with documents. Moreover, thanks to the technical capabilities of the electronic platform of the social workers on the spot is administered in tablets necessary data on the provision of services, avoiding wasting time on paperwork and reporting. “The service develops. For example, while the old employee mopping the floor, that can communicate via messenzhder with relatives. These opportunities are many, as in the case of a choice between Apple or Android (the operating system for mobile devices. — Ed.)”, — said the official.

According to him, the authorities give NGOs a chance to move to electronic platform or stay in the world of paper documents. The access to the site is free, but will require the purchase of a complex of personal data protection. For those who can’t afford it, in departments of social policy will have a space to fill in the data in electronic form.

Spending money

The representatives of the NGOs confirm that electronic document management will greatly simplify their lives. “The system will reduce the amount of paperwork a month to pass into the control of social policy. And if you have any urgent questions, you can download the data and instantly get information. Of course, it’s convenient,” — said the individual entrepreneur Olesya Moskvitina, involved in teaching children at home.

Today, the process for NGOs on the example of work with children as follows. Parents receive an individual programme of provision of social services (EPSU), contact the organization, a contract. After a month of receiving services NCO counts and sends to the Ministry, where data is checked. In an ideal scenario, if all the numbers add up with IPPS, power is transferred to the account of NGO money. “Compensation allows us cover costs. Wages of employees, rent of premises, utility services, and work with teaching material, training of employees and, of course, the income of the organization,” adds another individual entrepreneur Irina Voropaeva.

“There are various systems providing data. Importantly, they were comfortable,” — said Yevgeny Shapovalov.

The Ministry stressed that it is important that accounting documents were prepared without errors. Otherwise the Ministry will not be able to compensate for payment of services rendered.

It remains to add that compensation to the providers of social services is just one of the benefits, which are unable to NGOs. Sverdlovsk region authorities hold regular contests through which organizations can obtain grants for projects.

Now the task of the regional Ministry to cover 10% of the provision of social services NPOs and provide them with comfortable working conditions.

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