This clearly was not expected.

Despite the fact that the introduction of 5G networks has already startedthe first tests in the commercial network of the fifth generation showed minimal benefit of innovative technology over 4G. This is evidenced by the screenshots with the measurements of speed, mvb6d posted by a user on Reddit.

Comparative testing was performed via an access point, Netgear Nighthawk 5G in Indianapolis, Indiana, under the same conditions. In the first case evaluated the work of the 5G connection, and the second 4G LTE. In both cases the ping was 77 MS, and download speeds were virtually identical (of 194.88 Mbps and 187,44 Mbps at 5G and 4G connections, respectively). The only difference was observed in the rate of return. Using the 5G network returns made up of 17.08 Mbps, and 4G connection — 8,14 Mbps.

The result of comparative testing 5G and 4G connections already in the United States caused a serious debate. Users began to think do we really need 5G networks, if the difference is almost none. In this regard, we can recall Apple, which, unlike other manufacturers, is in no hurry to equip iPhone support 5G networks.

Source: Reddit


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