The portal released the first edition of his new podcast, the Green Room, which is dedicated to marketing the sport. New releases will come out every two weeks. Leading the project was chief-editor of Sports. ru Vlad Voronin, Yegor Kretsan, responsible for new media at FC “Zenit”. The first issue is devoted to smart stadium: presenters discuss the branding of sports grounds, services to navigate, the quests in the stadiums and the queue to the toilet. In the future, leading to permanent will be joined by other speakers and experts in the field of sports business. will publish new issues on platforms like YouTube and Apple Podcasts, Castbox iTunes and Google Podcasts. Vlad Voronin, editor in chief Sports. EN, host of the podcast Green Room: You started a podcast about marketing and the business to bring to this topic a wide audience or to unite industry professionals? Our main goal is to tell people how to construct a competently-paced sport in 2019. First, news from the world of sports marketing and business are very often highly specialized and appear as a thing in itself — to reach them, this should be interested. And we collect the best stories, share them in a simple way and reduce people the way to understanding how everything works. Secondly, people have a request for this type of information. Texts in which we talk about telecontract, sponsorship portfolios and merchandising, quietly collected more than 40 thousand views. Audience likes talking about the complex simple. That is our General task is to make a podcast that will be interesting and understandable to a wide audience. If we will demand more and the industry even better. What platforms for podcast promotion will you use? Some of them, the experience of previous podcasts running most effective? We use all major apps where you can listen to podcasts, because our audience is everywhere. The most effective stage: Apple Podcasts, Castbox iTunes and Google Podcasts. We do recopy each issue in a special blog on share additional useful information on the subject. What topics you plan to cover in upcoming issues? We will talk about how changing and will change the landscape of sports broadcasting as on-trend influenced by the Internet, to influence habits of consumption (watch sports for 2 hours without additional entertainment people often are complicated). Let’s talk about situational marketing, merchandising, social networks and even tone of voice brands. Does this project with other work and projects of the holding of the tribune Digital in sports marketing? Of course. We have Agency sports digital marketing Fever Pitch, respectively, is the accumulated expertise that we can use not only inside the market, but also externally — explaining something to your audience. Yegor Kretsan, Director of FC “Zenit” on new media, co-host of the podcast Green Room: On demand podcast: it is Unlikely that a single podcast can someone from something to save, but if we help someone with their knowledge (or, rather, opinions), it will be a success. Examples in the Russian language enough — I use them myself constantly inspired. Russia is ready to implement the best European and world practice — for example, in the work on the stadiums, what we talked about in the first episode. We were able to build a large and beautiful stadium, definitely ready for everything else. Question — specific performers who just need to look a little wider. Future podcast guests: As guests of the podcast Green Room I would like to talk with people from half the football clubs of the Russian Premier League and the Continental hockey League, third — from basketball VTB United League and some from other sports. Representative Bullhorn: We are in collaboration with let’s talk about the best of what’s happening in sports marketing: we will discuss the most successful Russian cases of foreign and bright to see main orientations for development. MegaFon is involved in the production of the podcast and at the level of ideas, and as chief expert. For example, in the first edition, which was dedicated to the development and rethinking of the stadiums discussed including the experience of the company and the football club “Zenit” in the joint project “See+ arena”: fans of Petersburgers come to the stadium to watch the most important away games of the team on the big screen, and our company helps with the organization as a partner. We talk about sports marketing is important right now, because in Russia after the world Cup has all the conditions for the rapid growth of the industry: top-end infrastructure, public interest, caring and talented professionals. Podcast Green Room will help with ideas and we are sure will become an additional source of inspiration.

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