We invite you to be careful!

Despite the active actions of the authorities to reduce online fraud, each year the number of victims in Russia is only growing. Scammers are starting to use it as a completely new circuit and adapted to modern realities the old proven scheme to defraud users. One of these methods recently gained popularity especially in the service ad free.

The essence of the fraud

Avito is the most popular platform for posting free classified ads in Russia. No wonder that it attracted the attention of fraudsters. In the last few months, they began to actively use A updated diagram of divorce Russians.

The essence of the scheme is to attack the users who put an item for sale. On the phone, such user receives a message that his product found a buyer who is ready to pay money. In most cases, the victim initially do a phone call and negotiate the purchase, which the user loses vigilance.

In the received SMS to the victim is sent a reference to the alleged payment website, by clicking on which the user can confirm a “safe” sale and receive money. The link is a site which is a complete clone of the official site Avito. Scammers have created it as similar as possible and took into account even small details.

The site is proposed to obtain the money, and in several ways, for example by installing the application on A smartphone. Whichever way the victim is not chosen, the result is that the scammers get access to funds stored in Bank accounts of the user. If the victim agrees to install the application, then theft is the most imperceptible to humans. Other ways, for example, confirmation of “receipt of payment” via SMS require sacrifice, and sending a text message.

Encourage readers to be vigilant and in any case not to follow any links that come via SMS. In the upcoming holiday period and a great buying activity for Avito, of similar hacker attacks on users will be really a lot.


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