App Facebook for iOS when a user views the news feed sometimes spontaneously turns on the camera on his iPhone, according to foreign media. How dangerous this spyware bug, found out “Газета.Ru”.

When the user is watching the news, this time in secret, he suddenly turns on the camera.

One of Twitter users posted a video in which he demonstrates how this happens. He watched the video in the tape Facebook, and then flipped the phone in horizontal position — this time on the screen for a moment the application menu to publish “stories”. When he turned the gadget vertically, the same menu opened on the screen.

The presence of this problem, later confirmed and web designer Joshua Maddox.

“Found a vulnerability in the app that allows you to see the open chamber behind the news. Please note that my camera was aimed at the carpet,” wrote Maddox in Twitter account.

A web designer noted that first decided that I opened the camera by mistake, but then when the bug appeared again, I realized that it’s not a coincidence.

It is noted that this feature only applies to devices based on iOS — on Android it doesn’t show up.

The company Facebook announced that they know about the problem, adding that the bug appeared “unintentionally”. Application developers are already working on a corresponding patch that will correct the situation.

“We found no evidence that this bug has place leaked photos or videos. Today we went to the Apple patch” — said the official representative of the social network.

However, until the information that the patch downloaded and the problem is resolved, it is recommended to revoke Facebook app access to camera.

Software and apps are created by people, so mistakes are inevitable. Ideally, researchers who find a vulnerability, you first notify the company within a certain time waiting for patches, and after publish the study, said “Газете.Ru” senior engineer-programmer at Avast Vojtech Barrels.

“Judging from the video posted on Twitter, we can say that it’s just a harmless bug in the code handling the scrolling of the application. It seems that this app only includes the camera viewfinder to create “stories”/a rapid publishing, just as happens in Instagram, if you swipe the main screen to the right. Although Facebook probably doesn’t have this feature, they may are going to release it, so the code may already be present and be active in the application”, — the expert believes.

According to him, another reason could be performance. When the camera viewfinder is at the back, it can boot faster in the cases when the user really wants to use it. However, according to Bocca, it is unlikely that the app was recording something in the background.

However, the current reputation of Facebook does not involve large loan trust users and so concerned that the social network and belonging to her Instagram and WhatsApp secretly eavesdrop on conversations, then to issue targeted ads, so the bug open camera, even if it is random, can not but arouse suspicion.

In early November it became known that Facebook decided to change the logo now the name of the parent company will be stylized like FACEBOOK (in capital letters) to distinguish it from the social network, retaining the old spelling.

“Facebook started as a standalone application. Now, 15 years later, we offer a range of products that help to stay connected with their family and friends, to find friends and to develop business. We are updating the branding of our company to clarify what services are provided by Facebook. We present a new logo to distinguish the parent company from the social network,” said Facebook Director of marketing Antonio Lucio.

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