The ads have started to appear on the listings place in line at the main Apple store in Moscow. Prices range from 15 thousand to 500 thousand rubles. Some of them were published at the end of August.

Last year the waiting list was selling mostly offline on the spot a few days before the start of sales. In the end, the first buyer of a smartphone became a Muscovite, who stood 247-m: all the seats in front of him were occupied by dealers.

Business FM called the ad and asked their authors if they believe that this year everything will change. Here is what Michael, who offers to stand in line for 25 thousand rubles:

“I know when a place outbid ten times, eventually the last person left without money, because he couldn’t resell it and just left with nothing. I’m not going to repurchase, I think you can stand, buy it — fine, don’t buy it — I can not stand. I’m ready quiet day or two to idle. Agree, so be it. The price I negotiable. If it is necessary to stand four days, then I’ll put the price tag much higher. If you stand a day, then 25 thousand without question.”

On the responses of potential customers says Dmitry, who offers his services for 200 thousand rubles.

“Write something. One reported that five thousand ready to buy and the other asked how many of you are. And no specific proposal. If offered 200 thousand, of course I’ll agree to stand in line. If less, I will consider. For such money it is possible and to remove next. You and a mate to hire for 200 thousand”.

For 60 thousand rubles, you can try and spend the night in line, says Oleg.

“If someone agrees, then you will need to stand. You can try and sleep, I have the car. Myself I will not buy, I Samsung use it.”

The tenth of September, Apple presented three new smartphones: iPhone 11, iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max. Sales in Russia will start on September 20. The new device will be cheaper than the previous price for a regular iPhone 11 starts from 60 thousand roubles, Pro — 90 thousand.

Models Pro three cameras on the rear panel. Despite the fact that the quality of the shooting became better users of social networks was more impressed by the design: the back panel of the smartphone were compared with the razor, the holes in the coconut and burners on the stove. After the presentation, Apple’s capitalization exceeded 1 trillion dollars, the stock rose 3%.

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