As expected, today started selling the Mac Pro and monitor Pro Display XDR. New items gradually become available in different regions. Now they can buy and users from Russia.

In the case of the Russian Apple Online Store, the basic version of Mac Pro costs 449 900 rubles. For this money, users can get a computer with OCTA core processor W Intel Xeon, 32 GB RAM, graphics AMD Radeon 580X Pro and SSD to 256 GB.

The opportunity to purchase more advanced versions not yet available. However, judging from the American Apple Online Store, top “build” a Mac Pro will cost more than 3 000 000 rubles. For the money users will get 28-core processor, 1.5 TB of RAM, two graphics cards Radeon Pro Vega II Duo 2 SSD and 4 TB.

As for the Apple monitor, the Russian Apple Online Store, prices start from $ 379 990 rubles. Another 79 990 rubles will have to pay for the stand Pro Stand.


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