Yesterday, many online sources were confident that the official launch of Apple’s new video service will be held in April of this year. Today, however, the authoritative edition of Variety reported that the long-awaited release of the service may be shifted to far months. It is possible that the launch will take place only in the second half of this year.

At the moment it is unknown why exactly cupertinos can postpone the release of its new service. The Variety sources claim that Apple will not postpone the announcement of the service. It will be a little more than a month on March 25 at theatre of a name of Steve jobs.

The sources of Variety reported that the cupertinos have signed with major content providers contract, under which Apple will promote not only their platform, but individual show and videos. Reports that cupertinos originally planned to raise in its service as much as possible major players such as HBO and Netflix. However, they are not satisfied with the terms. In the end, at the start of the largest content providers for the service should be the cable channels, like CBS.


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