In the spring of this year, Apple introduced its branded credit card. However, if you believe Ken Segalo, the former creative Director of Apple, Steve jobs had thought about the idea of creating Apple credit cards in 2004.

Initially, Steve jobs wanted Apple to Card had its own unique features. In particular, he was thinking about the loyalty program. By its terms, when using the card, users would receive special points – iPoints – and was able to purchase the tracks in iTunes. In the early 2000s, such loyalty programs is rare. So the map could attract the attention of many users.

It is noteworthy that Apple not only came up with the idea of their own credit card, but developed its design, and also held talks with representatives of Barclays. Moreover, the cupertinos have come up with several slogans. For example, “Buy lipstick, get Kiss” (Buy lipstick, get kiss band Kiss). However, in the early 2000s, the project was never implemented.

Unknown at this time, for whatever reason, Apple refused to issue own credit cards. There is speculation that the cupertinos failed to conclude a final agreement. In particular, Apple failed to negotiate with MasterCard, which was supposed to release the card.


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