One of the users of the website Reddit launched on the social network photo, which some learned… Steve jobs.

Who died in 2011 after struggling with cancer Steve jobs, I guess now the conspiracy theorists may be alive and hiding in warm countries.

Discuss the The Sun, was made in Egypt. Very similar to the famous inventor of the man sitting at the table and keeps her hand on her face in the gesture that it is possible to imagine performed by Steve jobs. The man in the picture is not just incredibly similar to the Apple co-founder, he also sits at the table barefoot and jobs often went barefoot, when he thought about something.

The only confusing conspiracy — in the hands of men just don’t watch Apple.

The legend of the “survivors” celebrities are not uncommon. So, regularly appear online “new” photo killed in 1996, rapper Tupac Shakur.

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Text:Alexander Fox

Photo:Global Look Press / Xinhua, Twitter / Reddit

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