The official biographer of Steve jobs, Walter Isaacson visited the television show Squawk Box. There he told many interesting things, including about why the Apple is in the current decline.

According to him, jobs is still in his life believed that Tim cook is not a man “product.” Yes, it can keep your administrative duties, it can increase sales of devices, but there is the fire that Steve was seen as the main traits of his successor. According to Isaacson, he did not add the fact of such conversation with Steve in his biography of jobs, simply because in his opinion, it had to be a book about the greatest man of the last century. Now he believes that Apple company is losing its position not least because of the fact that Tim cook is not a man “product.” And for the same reason, in his opinion, left the company jony Ive. According to Isaacson, Ive not likely endured a mediocre relationship cook to the product development process, resulting in and decided to leave the company.

We will remind that the chief designer of Apple left the company after more than 20 years of experience. Until the end of the year he’ll release his office and open his own business. One of the first customers of the newly formed company should become his former employer, Apple.

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