The Apple founder hated the stylus.

One of the key features of the new iPhone 11 and 11 iPhone Plus will be the stylus support Apple Pencil. New feature of Apple’s smartphone revealed by analysts from TrendForce, who received information from reliable sources.

5.8-inch iPhone 11 and 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Plus OLED displays will receive full support stylus Apple Pencil. Experts believe that along with smartphones Apple will release an updated model of the stylus, which will be less compared to the original. Due to this, to use a Pencil with Apple’s new iPhone will be much more convenient.

Cheaper a 6.1-inch iPhone 9 liquid crystal display can not work with Apple Pencil, said experts. In this model, Apple will refuse from several technologies in order to reduce its price and make attractive for the mass consumer.

The closer becomes the September presentation Apple, the more new details revealed about upcoming new products. Analysts believe that the presentation of Apple will bring many surprises that will be associated with the hardware.

Source: MR.


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