Apple is moving in the right direction, says “Who”.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said in an interview with CNBC what he thinks about the current situation of the company. According to Wozniak, Apple has kept its main feature of and it continues to put people before technology. Wozniak believes that Steve jobs would certainly have been very pleased with today’s Apple.

Wozniak said that Apple continues to care about customers, thinking first and foremost about them. Therefore, according to the legendary engineer, Steve jobs would be proud of Apple, as he practiced a similar approach.

Also, Wozniak said that Apple is one of the few companies that offers consumers a truly innovative solution. Samsung and Huawei to put pressure on the market various technologies that can be called interesting, but not innovative. Apple produces revolutions that change people’s lives dramatically.

As an example, Wozniak cited the payment system Pay Apple, which initially worked with the scanner of fingerprints of Touch ID, and now with innovative features face recognition Face ID. A few years ago, few could imagine that the millions of purchases worldwide will be charged in a contactless manner. Apple has made it a reality.

Source: CNBC.


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