Representatives TMZ spoke with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, has long worked side by side with Steve jobs. During the interview, the reporters raised questions of privacy and wiretapping devices, and also asked for advice regarding the use of social networks.

To the question “should we be afraid if we use our devices for private conversations” Wozniak replied as follows:

“Personally, I am concerned about everything going on. However, I don’t think we can stop this development”.

“Look, they are now able to measure your heartbeat using lasers, and to listen to you, they can do through a range of devices. Who knows, maybe my phone now listens to everything I say. Remember Alexa in recent years, increasingly in the news stories associated with privacy”.

“So I’m concerned about, because we can only think that our conversation is completely confidential.”

Then TMZ asks Wozniak a question about Facebook and Instagram: should users to stop using these social networks.

“There are different types of people, some of the pros of Facebook far outweigh the lack of privacy. However, for many (including me) I have only one piece of advice is to find a way to leave the Facebook platform,” — said an American programmer and inventor.

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