MOSCOW, 24 Aug — PRIME. Shares of major U.S. technology companies Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple traded in negative territory on the background of the launch of the U.S. Department of justice antitrust investigation, according to data exchanges.

As at 17.44 GMT shares of Facebook declined by 0.59%, Google 0.3% Amazon — 0.54%, Apple — on 0,09%. In the previous auction dynamics have also been negative, the shares of these companies became cheaper on average by 1%.

Earlier Wednesday, the U.S. Department of justice announced an antitrust investigation of the “leading online platform”. The Agency intends to find out, does their activities harm competition, not whether it inhibits innovation and does not harm consumers or if it is in any other way. The names of the companies in the statement were not given, but indicated that the investigation will affect search platforms, social networks and retailers.

The Wall Street Journal, citing sources wrote that the investigation poses a threat to Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple.

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