Every iPhone owner I want to work from a single charge as long as possible. This desire made people believe in various myths about the use of the battery in the smartphone. Experienced users and our constant readers for a long time know what to trust. For the rest, we now have the opportunity to destroy the myths the power of official statements of Apple and phrases of the Genius Bar employees.

Myth # 1: the iPhone will last longer if you close unused apps

We have been told that the permanent closing applications not only can increase the battery life of the device, but can even affect it negatively.

The fact that most apps really don’t work at the moment. Those apps that work, keep in memory, in order not to waste time loading it when you return to the application. To download this information to spend more energy, than storing it in memory.

The very Apple support page says: “you need to forcefully close the application only when they are not responsible.”

Myth No. 2: bad to charge your iPhone all night

The myth that the iPhone somehow can be recharged, goes a very long time. The information was relevant even before the emergence of smartphones with lithium-ion batteries. IPhone advanced system control charge, and if the smartphone will remain connected to power and after it charged to 100%, it will have no effect.

Apple itself never mentioned the possibility to recharge the battery, saying only that all batteries are a consumable item with a limited lifespan.

Myth # 3: your iPhone will keep a charge longer after battery replacement

If the battery is worn out, its replacement may indeed affect the autonomy of the smartphone. It turned out that it leads many to do reckless things.

Genius Bar employees told the colleagues from Business Insider that only less than 10 percent of the customers who wanted to change the battery in the iPhone really needed to replace the battery, according to the diagnostic results.

We talked about how you can check the status of your battery in the iPhone.

Myth # 4: the iPhone will last longer if you disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

In the specification to modern standards Wi-Fi and Bluetooth says that when they are on and not used, they do not consume energy. In addition, Wi-Fi consumes much less energy than cellular network data transfers. There is no reason to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Myth # 5: automatic brightness drains the battery

You can put the screen brightness to minimum level and use your iPhone in very uncomfortable conditions, but the sense in this. Apple says that automatic brightness in iOS actually saves battery.

It may be worth to believe in the statements of Apple and its employees, not the myths? Share in chat your opinion.


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