According to “Kommersant”, the network operators expect to make money on storage, traffic, fulfilling the requirements of the “law of Spring”.

According to the newspaper, major operators and service providers will be able to keep traffic for regional communication providers, providing these services on a fee basis.

As told “Kommersant” in the “MegaFon” and “AKADO”, major operators have begun to receive inquiries from providers about whether they will be able to provide data storage in accordance with the law. MTS company announced that it is also considering providing services for the storage traffic on a paid basis. “Rostelecom” has confirmed the information that is going to store data for Tele2.

Remains unknown the position of “VimpelCom”, the press service of which a journalist is not responding.

At the moment, for the implementation of the “Spring law” of the Russian regional cellular operators there is no adequate equipment. In addition, is not fully spelled out at the legislative level the mechanism of processing and storage traffic and the conversations of subscribers. If in the future the FSB will require to store the entire volume of data, even small providers need to install their own equipment, and not just to pay the big companies.


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