The secret revealed of the users.

On the Internet you can find many stories from users who accuses their smartphones in the wire. For example, a person could talk about a certain product, and the next day to see that contextual advertising in the Internet that offers him to buy exactly this product. If iPhone app could be listening for the owners or all fantasy? Today is one of iPhone users found indirect proof that some apps can still listen for users.

The user found that tapping one of the apps accidentally. Trying to find some interesting bugs in iOS 12.1, he made sure that the menu switching between apps appeared an unusual page with an active call. Call performed by the application Facebook Messenger, but the name of the call was very odd and consisted of a series of characters.

All other apps, including Facebook Messenger was closed. Application active call was the only thing running on the iPhone. When the user tried to open the phone, he was immediately completed.

If the app was tapping in the background? Or page with a call came out for iOS? Neither Apple nor Facebook the situation is not commented. Most standard users believe that the wiretapping is quite real. Many of them even decided to abandon use of the app Facebook Messenger.


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