NBCU head Steve Burke said on a quarterly conference of the company that at the moment the service team, the launch of which is scheduled for April, has 500 employees. Burke confirmed that the service will operate on the platform Now TV, currently running in Europe Sky.

Unlike other upcoming launch of large platforms, focusing on original content exclusive — Disney+ Apple TV+ directory service NBCU will mainly consist of purchased products.

In his speech, Burke singled out the “Office” — a popular Comedy series, which, according to the company needs to bring on Board a lot of subscribers: “According to Nielsen, “the Office” — the most popular TV series in Netflix, it generates about 5% of the traffic of the service. And this show — an absolute television classic, associated primarily with NBC”.

The head of the company stressed the uniqueness of the proposal that the platform enters the market: “We are confident that our financial model distinguishes our project from all the other services on the market.”

The head of Comcast, Brian Roberts added: “the Potential audience of the new platform has tens of millions of users, and we offer them excellent content and outstanding quality of service at the best price”.

SOURCE: Digital TV Europe

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