The student from Melbourne was able to repeatedly penetrate a protected network by Apple and downloaded 90 GB of protected files. Now the teenager will face criminal prosecution, as the Corporation turned to the FBI.

In the interests of the investigation the name of the student is not disclosed, his counsel stated that the young black hat was just a fan of Apple.

Several times during the year student of the school of Melbourne into the Apple mainframe. According to the announced in court, the student downloaded 90 GB of protected data, and gained access to customer accounts.

In addition, it is reported that the teenager had devised a scheme which helped him to conceal his identity when intrusion attempts to the network of the Corporation. All this continued until, while law enforcement officers are not paid a visit to his house to see his PC folder with the name “hacky hack hack”.

It is in this folder contain all the uploaded data blackhat Apple, which he downloaded from the company server.

The lawyer of the teenager gave to understand that he had gained tremendous fame among hackers. Attorney believes that any specification of this case could jeopardize his ward.

Apple, for its part, did not want to once again mention the fact of hacking its networks.

The accused seized two laptops, whose numbers corresponded to the serial numbers of the devices that appealed to internal systems. Also seized mobile phone and hard disk, IP address matched that carried out the invasion of the organization.


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