Company using own mail service, conducted a study in which it was determined what smartphones are most popular with users in Russia. Surprisingly, seniors have made a choice in favor of a fairly expensive smartphone.

Thus, according to the “Mail” for 2019, the share of users who accessed the service using your iPhone for the first time in two years decreased. During the same period, a noticeable growth was demonstrated devices from Huawei and Xiaomi — the number of devices produced by each of the two brands, rose to 14%. But oddly enough, the most popular manufacturer of Android smartphones in Russia remains Samsung Korean — the share of the company accounted for about a quarter of all users of the service from

And despite the fact that overall interest in the iPhone among the population is falling, the popularity of smartphones from Apple the young age groups remains quite high. So, in 2019, every second user in Russia aged 18 to 24 years using an iPhone. In second place among the fans of production of Apple, suddenly hit the elderly users over age 65.

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