Submarine telescopes and the winged televisionet celebrates anniversary

25 years old Russian segment of the world wide web. On 7 April 1994, the international network InterNIC registered domeny. Today in Runet, according to estimates of the Russian Association of electronic communications (RAEK), about 90 million regular audience, and this is the first indicator among the European States.

The contribution of the Runet in the Russian economy in 2018 amounted to 3.9 trillion. rubles, which is 3.7% of GDP. Each year this figure is growing by 10-15%.

Statistics commented in the Ministry of communications. Its head Alexei Volin called priority in the development of Internet cyber security. Also, officials expect a further digitalization of public administration (services like “public Services”) and business processes.

Korea and the US launch 5G, Russia retards

Vladimir Putin instructed the Russian security Council to “study the question of the use for networks of the fifth generation frequencies in the range of 3.4–3.8 GHz employed military equipment”. The President had to intervene in the conflict between the defense Ministry and the State Commission for radio frequencies, after the military refused to transfer the frequency to the commercial deployment of 5G networks.

Band 3,4–3,8 GHz is the most preferable for them. Previously allocated by the state Commission frequency not suitable for these purposes because of a number of technical limitations, the overcoming of which will postpone the launch of 5G in Russia in the years ahead.

A similar story unfolded in 2010 when they delayed the allocation of frequencies for fourth generation networks 4G LTE. The issue was resolved after the corresponding order of President Dmitry Medvedev. The first LTE network in test mode was launched in late 2011, and their widespread commercial use began in mid-2012. While technology in the world appeared in 2009. it Seems, 5G in Russia, we can expect a delay — in the best case 2021-M.

Meanwhile, commercial 5G network has already launched in South Korea (85 cities) and USA (2 cities). Yet to use them by the owners of a single smartphone model — Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. But within six months the world’s biggest brands are planning to release for sale model with support for next generation networks.

“Yandex. The market” will make the cashiers unemployed

“Yandex. Market” announced the acquisition of the self-service scanning and payment of goods Scan to buy. This is a significant step towards the realization of the project “Supertech”, which will allow you to buy goods in the supermarket with your smartphone, without having to stand in queues.

“Supertec” was announced in mid-March. It was assumed that with the app, users will be able to order goods online, pay and then pick them up at the store. However, the acquisition of Scan to buy tells about the broader functionality of the application: the buyer can come to a regular supermarket, to choose the right products (which may be especially important in the purchase of products), their smartphone to scan and pay. However, while it is unclear how these stores will be implemented theft protection.

Test version of the app will be released before the end of may and fully launch the service promised for the fall of 2019. This is actively involved in retail outlets. It is planned that at the start of the project will be 25-30 stores by the end of the year as much as 100. To participate in the bold experiment has already agreed to “Azbuka Vkusa” and GK “Diksi”. It seems that if the project will prove in the next couple of years we will be able to see how the smartphone “kill” another profession of cashiers.

At the bottom of the lake will set the telescope

Lake БайкалShutterstock/Fotodom

Active work began on the ambitious project of the Institute of nuclear research of the RAS is to create a new neutrino telescope. It uses the water of lake Baikal to register one of the most elusive particles in the universe — neutrinos. About the magazine “world of science” said the doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences Jean Dzhilkibaev.

Now comes the transportation and Assembly of parts of a telescope on the shore and the ice of the lake. When the water melts, huge, the size of one cubic kilometer telescope will descend to a depth of 1366 m and uses it as a trap for particles. In contrast to similar plants in the mountain mines of Japan, eternal ice of the South Pole and the famous Baksan neutrino Observatory in the Northern Caucasus, the Baikal telescope will be able to more accurately determine the trajectory of the neutrinos, and hence to better understand fundamental processes occurring in the universe.

What it will give in the end, scientists don’t know yet. They hope to obtain fundamentally new data about the origins of various objects in the universe and their properties. And what will it lead to the understanding of gravitational waves, or to the creation of the FTL drive, time will tell.

TV butterfly for $20755

TV Beovision HarmonyBang&Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen introduced a 77-inch TV Beovision Harmony $20755. Feature of the device became a huge designer speakers made of aluminum and oak. When the TV is off, they close the display. When you enable open like the wings of a butterfly (which inspired the designers design) and slide down, forming a giant Soundbar directly under the screen.

Obviously, the emphasis is on design and expensive appearance and not on practicality. Beovision Harmony is not hiding in the cupboard as a collapsible Signature LG OLED TV R, and tries to merge with the wall as flat and thin Frame Samsung TV. Instead, it’s a screaming device — in the literal and figurative sense.

The television part has made the partner company LG 77-inch OLED-matrix with a resolution of 4K and HDR support. For upscale design meets Danish Studio Valeur Designers.


up to 98% savings Internet traffic, Google promises in the may update of the most popular browser in the world Chrome. The technology is simple: instead of downloading the entire web page, the browser will only load what is displayed on the user’s screen at the moment.

about $1.5 billion a year is CEO of Xiaomi Lei Zun (Lei Jun). This is confirmed by the press service of the company in response to the request of the Chinese media. About as much is the annual salary of the next five highest paid employees of the company taken together.

83% of American teenagers use the Apple iPhone. Such a record for all time the data was received by the company Piper Jaffray, conducted a survey among 8000 teenagers in the spring of 2019. The percentage of those who see their next unit of “Apple” smartphone, even higher — 86%.

almost 100 000 km travelled during the journey from the Netherlands to Australia Dutch Web Wacker (Wiebe Wakker) on a modified electric car Volkswagen Golf. For three years he has visited 33 countries. To charge battery, he spent a total of $300, whereas on conventional fuels, according to estimates, it would take more than $4500.

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