It is expected that by the end of March Apple will unveil its own video service, to which the cupertinos have invested a lot of manpower and resources. While it is unknown how much it will cost to subscribe to the new service. However, analysts are already making preliminary forecasts.

According to forecasts from O’shea for the use of the new Apple service to consumers will need monthly to pay about $ 15. Analysts believe that, with an impressive user base, Apple will be able to quickly engage in his service a large audience. Apple Music a good example.

The cupertinos may face a number of challenges. O’shea believes that in order for the video service has been successful, it must be original content and access to all the popular TV shows and videos. At the initial stage in Apple service will not have a sufficient number of series or the impressive library of original content.

According to experts, by 2023 the user base of Apple’s video service will reach approximately 250 million people. The service will bring to the company, only 5% of the total profit. In fact, O’shea believes that video services will become the new “main” Apple product. He predicted that in the next few years the main source of income for Apple company iPhone will remain.


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