So say reliable sources.

Apple will hold its first presentation in 2019 March 25, told checked the sources BuzzFeed News. According to a major announcement of a special event Apple will be a subscription service for news. The appearance of the presentation of the new devices, including the AirPods is the next generation iPad mini 5 is unlikely, said the sources.

Sources BuzzFeed News said that the March Apple event will be focused on the new Apple services. They did not specify which services Apple plans to launch, as this information is carefully concealed by the company.

But before various reliable sources talked about Apple’s plans to launch its own news service with a subscription and a streaming TV service for watching movies, TV series and TV shows. It is not excluded that at the upcoming presentations in March, Apple will introduce both of these services

As for new devices, despite numerous rumors, sources BuzzFeed News see their appearance unlikely. Insiders said that Apple’s main focus will be on services.

BuzzFeed News is a large and authoritative edition, whose sources I could find reliable information about Apple’s plans. In this regard, users should prepare for the worst at the presentation of Apple in March, and not to expect new devices.

Source: BuzzFeed News.


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