Modified build of iOS 12.1.2.

Few minutes ago Apple released an updated iOS version 12.1.2 with the build number 16C104. The previous final build of iOS 12.1.2, which was released on Monday, the build number was 16C101. What is the sudden release of the updated iOS version 12.1.2 is unknown.

A new build of iOS 12.1.2

Apple has not explained why it has released updated iOS 12.1.2 number 16C104. It is expected that the updated firmware implemented minor changes that do not require running the new version. This means that we are not talking about fixing any serious bug in the updated iOS version 12.1.2.

Moreover, if you have already installed iOS 12.1.2 earlier, you most likely will not see any updates to the new build. It also indicates that the updated iOS version 12.1.2 contains a minimum of changes.

For those who haven’t installed iOS 12.1.2, a new build of firmware available for installation in the menu “Settings” → “Main” → “Update“.


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