Restored iPhone X for the first time in Russia!

Svyaznoy has launched sales of officially restored the iPhone X for a decently discounted price. “The messenger” was the first Russian retailer, which began selling the iPhone X “As new” is first restored version of the smartphone on the market. In other major Russian networks at the moment restored the iPhone X is not represented. Why this event is unique for our market and how much is the iPhone X “As new” presented in this article.

iPhone X “As new” for the first time in Russia

We have long been accustomed to the fact that Apple sells in Russia, not all your recovered device. Usually to the Russian market only get the restored version for old iPhone models, which, however, are very popular.

However, Apple seem to change its strategy. In Russia began selling refurbished iPhone X. While the smartphone is available exclusively in the “Connected”, but it is possible that other retailers, too, will soon receive from Apple refurbished iPhone X for sale.

Prices on iPhone X “As new” the following:

  • iPhone X “As new” 64 GB — 58 990 rubles.
  • iPhone X “As new” 256 GB 68 990 rubles.

How big is the difference in price compared to the new iPhone X without the prefix “As new”? In the case of iPhone X with 64 GB of memory the difference is 7000 rubles. In the case of version 256 GB — 6000 rubles. In both cases the difference is more than impressive, especially provided that it is formally restored iPhone.

Recall that this means. Officially refurbished iPhone have the perfect new body, new battery, fully functioning (tested all the tests Apple) and a full warranty. Read more about refurbished iPhone you can find in this article.


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