October 3, exactly a year from the date of signing by the President of the Russian Federation of the law on raising the retirement age. Subtotal reforms: it is obvious cannibalistic nature is now almost all Russians. Including some authorities. The protests against the reform will increase.

With the criticism the pension penalty was made by the leader of “Fair Russia” Sergey Mironov. He pointed out that promised by the authors of the reform pension increases of 1 thousand roubles per year actually occurs. Instead, for the increase of pensions issued their indexing from 1 January 2020 to 6.6% (about 1 thousand rubles), as recently announced by the Ministry.

But the indexation of pensions was carried out, said the politician. The promised increase of 1 thousand rubles was presented as an additional measure in the calculation of support for reform on the part of retirees. Thus, together with the indexation of old people had to start getting on the average on 2 thousand roubles more. But, as you can see, deceived. The retirement of thousands of “eaten by cannibals”.

“Impoverished people, and officials warn about the successes — angry Mironov. -. Ashamed, just ashamed. Already now it is possible to recognize the failure of the pension reform. No breakthroughs and never will be. 1000 rubles each year, it is not even a mockery, and a mockery.” Remember, however, that pushed through the reform of his authority an old friend of Mironov — Vladimir Putin.

But if the power someone like Mironov, already beginning to “turn back” (perhaps out of fear that they will have to answer to the people), that services the power of the media “elite” got so excited that in their eagerness to be of service now touts a new, another stage of raising the retirement age. After all, lackeys are often more radical than their masters. Or do they know something?

So, according to TV presenter Elena Malysheva, women need “immediately” to raise the retirement age to 67 because people are living 30-40 years longer. “Those people who were retired and eager to find work, needs to be retrained, just to chat — they must be combined in special clubs,” “happy” Russians Phil.

It seems that upstairs realized that any problems raising the retirement age is not decided, and decided a more stringent version of pension reform. Rumors about this one way or another erupt in society. No wonder apparently a member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist party Valery Rashkin has recently warned about such plans of the authorities.

“Such issues are not discussed”, — assured in response to the press, Dmitry Peskov. However, the fact that the Kremlin was worried and hurried to renounce the new wave of cannibalism should not mislead the Russians. Putin at the time, directly promised not to raise the retirement age, however, did. So faith to the Kremlin in the pension issue anymore.

Well, if so, the Russians should prepare for second wave of raising the retirement age. Now to deceive the public is unlikely. Moreover, at stake is literally the life of the majority. You can’t expect that people will be able to find a job and a work at the age of 65-70 years. Have to die…

The only way to prevent such a development remains a mass political protest. 3 Oct in dozens of Russian cities provocadas stock left. The main demand — the abolition of cannibalistic reform. But where did you see them at least once commented on power? They generally prefer to keep quiet about the discontent of the population. They think that if Pro-government media are silent about them, they like not?

Second Secretary of the Novosibirsk regional Committee of Renat Suleymanov of the Communist party sees pension reform some disadvantages.

— Pension reform is nothing but damage is not dealt. Her acceptance, forcing universal rejection and resistance has led to the fact that collapsed the authority of all branches of government, which were accepted and signed.

People’s confidence in government over the past year and has not recovered. Talking about this and ratings and the results of the elections that take place. We are witnessing the fall of trust to the ruling party and the government and to the President.

The reform did not bring any economic benefits. There is nothing budget is not particularly saved. Brought nothing in social terms. The promise of improving the welfare of existing pensioners is also not happened.

“SP”: — So the left opposition was right to protest against reforms?

— Yes, it was the wrong decision. Sooner or later it will have to come back. Raising the retirement age should be revised. Reform is not accepted by people. And this resentment remains a large majority of Russian citizens.

We practiced constantly. During the comment period and adoption of the bill conducted three waves of mass protests. Our party tried to hold a national referendum, but we were not given. In Novosibirsk we have collected initiative group, but instead booked us in another.

Also, our party initiated the appeal to the constitutional court and said that it was not his problem. That is, all the legal ways of struggle we went through. But because the subject of unfair reforms have not gone, we will continue to talk about it.

According to social psychologist Alexei Roshchin, the people never forgave the Kremlin, raising the retirement age.

— It was a landmark step of government. Before that they had made many risky steps, including in foreign policy, but the society they were received rather favorably. Putin used that reaction on almost all his moves with approval. But pension reform in almost all sectors of society aroused the disapproval.

We know also that the reforms were not only the opposition, not only older workers, which have pushed back retirement, but even some party organizations “United Russia”. There was, for example, the revolt in Yaroslavl, where I had to take special measures to all this excitement suppress.

As a result, after the adoption of the pension law between Putin and the people first ran the wall of alienation. Corroded one of the braces of the state of the Union “leader” and the people.

“SP”: — please Explain…

We’re an authoritarian model of government. The “leader” interacts directly with the voter, like standing on the apparatus of the state and for the population looks as his advocate against the bureaucracy. For this the people support the leader. A leader actually is their relationship with the device and is actively using it to balance the situation.

Until now this design was quite stable. But the decision on pensions, it blew up. People first realized that the “leader” than him and plays for their interests and the unit itself wants to milk people of as much money as possible. It seemed people shocking. And this shock has not passed so far.

This explains, in particular, the loss of power in gubernatorial elections in four Russian regions. And a sharp drop in the rating of “United Russia”, too. Perhaps this very party living out their last days. The reform is actually very deep and disproportionate plowed our political field.

“SP”: — it is Strange that raising the retirement age was not absolutely overwhelming for the authorities. The potential of this event is such that could destroy the entire structure of government…

— This was the background. But absolutely massive performances was not. We remember mostly the meetings of the Communist party. The outward signs of power issues while it is possible to stop. It seems that many people have come to accept. This view promotes, for example, Turchak of the “United Russia”. But in fact, the disease has not passed, and just went inside.

The process of loss of legitimacy. The population is increasingly internally alienated from the top. It is fraught. In the end, people will ask why these people govern us, if they do not Express our interests, but rather oppose them. As soon as formulated a clear alternative, the mode will be very hard to resist.

Authorities are now convinced that they are, even if she has the time and possibility to prepare is to employ the best spin doctors can’t change any minds in his address. All their victories were due to the “drying” of the electoral process. Never managed to make a truly popular movement or policies and to collect votes.

But before Putin won because of it. Now matter how much he calls some “Putin’s plan” does not turn on, this is nothing. It is necessary to resort to elections to any kind of above: non-registration of candidates, ballot stuffing, manipulation of turnout, etc. But it can not continue. Soon the scheme will be to fall, as the shattered trust.

On economic results of the pension reform told us the chief-analyst GK TeleTrade Peter Pushkarev.

— To retire at 65? Thank you for not 80! Will there be retirement years that way 15 do twice, nobody knows. But the fact that about 35 percent of men and 15 percent women, according to statistics from the pension does not live, and 75 percent of the rest uhoidokalo at work so that in the first year will begin to be treated seriously. This is the main result of the reform is clear in advance, and maybe that’s why the government shamefully, as if in compensation, urgently trying to raise doctors ‘ salaries, promising them shelter and otherwise trying to keep them in their seats, realizing that the burden on free health care will soon increase dramatically.

More of a “consolation”: pretensioners was dosesusual to the fact that employers now they are being fired even before the age of “prepense” or derive “grey” for the state while you can. Because I understand that then to dismiss the law for 5 years before retirement these people they are without interference it impossible: because of this, the employer will face administrative and even criminal liability. These unnatural norms alleged “protection” is not well thought, they need to cancel, if you do not want older people before retirement, without a job, I would spend all the pending “rainy day” money.

Although there is an obvious “plus”: pretensioners there are more opportunities still to be forced to “rest” for 5-7 years before official retirement, not overstrained, and still having a chance to live podolshe. Unless, of course, will be on at that time to live: as a rule, our people really can only rely on the help of children or on the very own savings. But here, not creating until no new workable mechanisms to accumulate for retirement (and the NPF system can be considered to be disintegrated), the state cuts is that citizens and the real possibility that they could invest and save life on their own.

“SP”: — will Have to buy gold coins. Who has what…

— In the current version, at least, offer the Central Bank a draft law on the categorization of investors is substantially, if not completely, affects the rights of people wanting to invest in stocks or in “electronic gold”. Futures on precious metal or oil — buy from 2021 will be impossible if you don’t have 1.4 million rubles, and until you pass a special exam, even with a small shoulder — to invest will only allow many, but few are somehow impossible. Take in the portfolio even reliable paper well-known foreign companies (Apple, Google or Amazon), which have been freely traded, and we at the St. Petersburg stock exchange, and which make pension funds around the world — it’s the same people from the Central Bank in Russia want to ban, again as if taking care of “protection” money of citizens. Although, it seems, to protect our pockets ought to first from the state.

Remains a faint hope that at least haven’t really released a new concept of “guaranteed pension product” will be established some effective mechanisms for management of voluntary pension accumulation of citizens — with the option that has been tested and proven skills managing companies still leave opportunities to earn on the back of both Russian and foreign securities. Although experience shows: the rescue of drowning the handiwork of drowning, so everyone who has some savings, I would recommend now, at least “in reserve”, while it is possible to access IMS (individual investment accounts). Certainly at least the bonds of state and the securities of the largest Russian issuers to trade in hindsight no ban.

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