Apple presented the new generation of desktop computers. Mac Pro — an advanced iron, excellent performance and return ability to change the configuration. But users of the Network has started, no conception. They enjoyed the fun design of the computer.

The Mac Pro was presented during the annual WWDC. In addition to Apple computer announced updates to its operating system for smartphones iOS 13, a 32-inch monitor with a resolution of 6K, and updates of software platforms for iPad and Apple Watch. But the Mac Pro just surprised and shocked audiences around the world.

Memory capacity up to 1.5 terabytes, three huge cooler and a pair of slots for discrete graphics — all this makes the Mac Pro the most powerful device Apple. The previous generation (2013) because of the peculiarities of the case could not free to upgrade. Now this is not a problem. If you wish to the Mac Pro, you can even tighten the wheels!

The first thought which came to the Internet users, when they saw the Mac Pro — grater for vegetables. It’s hard to argue.

Naturally, social media immediately appeared hundreds (if not thousands) sarcastic and funny posts on this subject.

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