Canadian journalists CBS caught tech support Apple overpricing on repairs. They offered to repair the laptop for more than a thousand dollars, although in reality the fault is removed in a few seconds.

The journalists said that he came to Toronto to a specialist, Genius Bar, which sits in the Apple store for a free consultation buyers of technology companies. Under the guise of regular users they brought a MacBook, which has stopped working screen. Specialist took the laptop and analyze it in an enclosed space, came to the conclusion that the inside of the computer came the liquid that has passed through the entire surface of the laptop.

“It seems that you have to consider the option of replacing a large number of components. Replacing them will cost more than a thousand dollars”, — said the employee.

As proof, he cited a photograph of a disassembled laptop, where you can see little red dots, which, according to him, should be white.

Following the consultation, reporters went to the famous new York wizard at repairing equipment Louis Rossman. After seeing the insides of a laptop, he came to the conclusion that he had departed the tiny detail at the connection screen on the computer itself. Rossman corrected detail within seconds and didn’t take the money from the client.

As for red dots, the master stated that the indicators of the fluid is really red. However, according to him, they can fire even at high humidity in the room.

The journalists said they decided to make such an experiment after the Network has frequent complaints of users on Apple support. Users complained that experts intentionally overestimate the price of repairs so that customers preferred to buy a new laptop than to repair the old.

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