Caller furious refused the operator.

Subscribers are used to correct resolve any issue by mobile phone is enough for them to contact the operator’s support. However, support can be wrong. Is clearly proved last interesting case of a subscriber of “MegaFon”.

In August, MegaFon officially sent to the archive a large number of old tariffs. Subscribers of these tariffs, the operator switched to the new tariffs from the line “join”. Precisely on the question of a sudden and force one of the subscribers and went to chat support.

At the old rate girls user an unlimited Internet. It asked whether to keep the Internet without limits on traffic after the transition to the new tariff. Support staff said that the service will remain and moreover, it will be provided without monthly fee. After the employee once again confirmed this information.

But as it turned out, when the caller was transferred to the new tariff, the service “Unlimited Internet” is completely gone. Frustrated, the caller once again contacted the support and got another operator to find out what is the reason for the lack of service. The new employee said an error occurred and the previous advice was wrong — the unlimited Internet is not preserved.

Share this story the girl admitted that it “was her last day with a Megaphone”.

Earlier the employee of MTS said method to make a payment at any rate much less.

Source:, Pikabu.


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