Cool innovation!

The company “Yandex” has released an updated version of the application “Yandex.Map” for the iPhone, which will track the price of gasoline. Data on the cost of petrol and diesel are regularly loaded to the application from the service MutliGo, due to which they always remain relevant.

To view the price of gasoline in the new “Yandex.Maps” is enough to open the page of any refueling on the map. The actual cost of gasoline is displayed under the location of filling stations and search for stations. The application shows the prices of different gasoline type and diesel.

Gasoline prices in “Yandex.Maps” are loaded from the service MutliGo, in connection with which the information appears is not for absolutely everyone refills.

In addition, the update of the application “Yandex.Cards” index 11.1 adds a number of other new features. The app now has a personal account, after login where users can leave comments about the places visited and to monitor the status of the proposed corrections on the maps. Pedestrian routes began to appear in the stairs, underground and surface transitions. Also on the cards places a block with reviews from other users. Any reviews you can celebrate huskies.

Updated application “Yandex.Cards” available for free download from the App Store.


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