To detect this feature are the experts on issues related to the security of the company to ZDNet, after analyzing the application TeenSafe, which tracks the child’s actions in social networks and messengers. Experts have found in it a critical vulnerability.

Experts say that two of the company’s servers hosted in the cloud Amazon, were left without protection with passwords. It means only that the account of thousands of parents and their children were, in fact, free.

Researcher Robert Wiggins says that one server had more than 10 thousand different records in the database, among which there were also emails without logging in the system. In addition, it was possible to find the account associated with the email address Apple ID.

In addition, the record contained various names of smartphones, unique IDs and passwords from Apple ID children without any encryption. The thing is that TeenSafe requires two-factor authentication on the device was deactivated. This is what allows hackers to easily access the smartphone of the child from the database.

The developers of the company have closed access to one of the servers after experts shared information about the dangerous vulnerability. The representatives of the messenger, TeenSafe claim to have warned customers that their details could be in the hands of criminals.


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