When I took on the review of the smart watch Huawei Watch GT2 me in the first place it was interesting to see the current level of development of such devices in the Android world. I’ve used the Apple Watch, tested and the first watch on Android Wear, has caught even the legendary Sony Ericsson LiveView. Therefore, to judge the Huawei Watch GT2, I’ll be severely in the end that we, the analogue clock is not seen, or what?

The first fully smart watches appeared just for Android. Strictly speaking, the Sony Ericsson LiveView (December 2010) was not the first multi-functional watches, but they are the first among those who have learned how to show notification from apps for phone — to be able to see the text. Next-generation hours came out under the brand name Sony — SmartWatch. Then the company opened access to the system to enthusiasts, and various applications companion filled the Google Play Store (then called Android Market).

As a result, under SmartWatch you can find almost any companion app that justifies the existence of this expensive stuff, and SmartWatch 2 (2013) consolidated this success. At the time, Sony already began to appear the competitors, such as Samsung, but the features the latest products and some were not. Besides, Samsung watches only worked with Samsung phones, and that is not all.

Anyway, the boom of smart watches began to gain momentum, and Google realized that it is necessary to standardize so — called operating system Android Wear. The following watch from Sony are coming out on Android Wear, and… Who knew that this would be the beginning of the end.

In 2015 Apple unveils its Apple Watch. At that time watch from Apple was perceived as a “catch-up” product — worked time is short, the features too were not enough, well, design, many thought it strange.

But today, in 2019, the Apple Watch is probably the most sensible of what Apple is doing. Partly because Tim cook deliberately spoils all other products, cutting out of these useful functions, while increasing the price and giving rise to many almost identical, but in details different models — and this is something that hated Steve jobs. Acquire new capabilities only the Apple Watch and they are really good — they work with most applications, and full. Messages can not only read, but also to get. You can use maps and get directions. They even sometimes save lives through smart automation, which can call an ambulance if person is unconscious.

And what is Google Android Wear? And nothing. When producers understand what to expect from this OS really is nothing (in this her condition), again began to stamp their own mini-OS for hours, but time was already missed. Apple Watch the best smart watch, Sony did gradually covers the mobile unit, and the rest are struggling to survive, in particular, and in this market.

Let’s see what we can offer Huawei. So, in my hands the new Huawei Watch GT2.

Many Android manufacturers, despite Apple (and, by the way, Sony) made a bet on a round display instead of rectangular. A matter of taste, of course. Personally, I think that rectangular displays for the initially computerized devices more useful — and the text and, especially, the images we used to build in rectangles, not to enter the circle. But on a round display look good dials with arrows.

Watch Huawei Watch GT2 I thought well, very big and… Too heavy. Here it is necessary to explain in more detail, but first let’s look at the strap.

It would be better just to replace custom with Aliexpress (even to look better, and the price is 500 rubles). First, because it is too short. I have not the biggest hands, but I have to zip up the strap almost over the edge. Apple usually puts the return portion of the strap in two versions — longer and shorter, but the Huawei box is nothing but the watch, the charger and the “paperwork” was not.

Second, the watchband is very smooth on the back side (towards the hand), and watch at the same time, as I said, too heavy. For the precision measurement pulse, the manufacturer recommends to wear a watch on the distance of the thumb from the brush, but it is the right thing, is problematic — and here’s why.

I do not exclude that the designer Watch GT2 arms have the form of a drainpipe — that is, the diameter of the forearm is the same everywhere and therefore he has no such problem. However, in order to wear the watch at a distance from the brush, you need the strap to open more freely (remember, he’s almost over the edge closes) — and… Should I lower the arm down like a clock just slides and hanging on the arm.

I did the same with the Apple Watch and normal clock from Casio — no, they did not, only if specifically hand to shake. But with the Huawei Watch GT2, happens. Either you need to tighten the strap so that the blood flow is hampered. And it is frustrating you know.

Side (right) of the display are two buttons. At first it may be a feeling that it is “krutilki”, like the Digital Crown from the Apple Watch, because they are really cool, but no — it’s just a button. The top key switches the display between the dial and a list of applications (like the center button for apps in Android), on the bottom you can assign a quick launch any of the available functions in hours. And then there’s the roller blind switches, as in Android on smartphones — it is possible to quickly set an alarm to get into the settings, disable the vibration or “find phone” (to make him scream and vibrate when the watch get to it via Bluetooth).

On the underside of the watch placed sensors and lights to measure heart rate and blood structure, as well as the contacts for charging. In principle, there is nothing wrong in the fact that the charging contacts are adjacent to the skin of the hands, but still non-contact charging, the Apple Watch seems to me to be safer. You never know what.


Watch is equipped with AMOLED-display, the size and screen resolution depending on the different models. A 46-mm (as in my test) — diagonal of 1.39 inches and a resolution of 454×454 pixels. 42 mm — 1.2 inches, 390х390 pixels. Since the screen is round, then, of course, all those pixels you can see only part of them.

Of the benefits — is Always On Display (that is, a continuous display of information), but for some reason in the menu it’s called “Face-saver”. For this mode, you can select a separate dial — analog or digital — and it will be constantly displayed. This reduces the autonomy twice, that is from two weeks to one, but still is a great level of endurance.

The display is touch-sensitive, but the system works with a little delay — like smartphones with Quad-core processors. That is, in General, all good, but the animation of scrolling through lists sometimes twitching and starting the audio player to switch music from your smartphone takes as much time as is spent on pronunciation of the phrase “are you sure you want to do it?”.

But the color and brightness of the screen is great, can’t complain.

Functionality and autonomy

Story hours Huawei Watch GT2, I would like to start this picture:

I will remind you — here we have a hefty color AMOLED screen, which in size is comparable to the screens early push-button phone with color TFT, only much better. But to see the pictures that you sent in WhatsApp, VK, Facebook or Telegram, you can not. Because the system works on the same algorithms that are used in microscopic bracelets like Honor Band 5 or Band 4 Huawei.

And it is frustrating. It turns out that the main difference of hours from the “bands” that watch is more expensive and they have larger screen that displays all the same information as that on three-four more than a cheap bracelet.

But I’m exaggerating, of course.

Plus hours is more steep of autonomy (that’s why they are such large — battery is something you need to do something with).

Another plus — they have a MIC and can talk on the phone during sports training, or just sitting on the toilet at home if cell phone is in another room charging. It helps for the morning, when you drop to shave-to wash, and you already calling all sorts of goats from work.

Third in the clock you can download music and listen to it without connecting the phone, for example Bluetooth headphones. Or even through the speaker hours. By the way, the speaker they have roughly the same volume and quality as your Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 for wrist electronics great compliment. But the microphone is the same unsightly and echo as any microphone with headphones.

It is nice that the clock can switch the music that plays from any app on your smartphone. With Latin letters is not important, will be displayed correctly.

Any application that has buttons “back — pause — forward” in the notification curtain. Even the background video play in MX Player (maybe you are one of those perverts who download videos and then listen to them on the go with headphones?) you can toggle the same way. That’s just “artist — song name” or the name of the file from MX Player to catch up to the clock screen will not be.

But that is certainly all. If the opportunities listed above you do not need — it is much cheaper, easier and generally wiser to buy a fitness bracelet Huawei Pro Band 3/Band 4 (or the cheaper version called Honor Band 5) to work through the same app “Huawei Health” with the same functions. Moreover, it will be more or less comfortable to sleep and monitor sleep. To sleep wearing a watch, and even such heavy — something else fun.

That is, all the features nailed down and expand according to your taste are not, no app store specifically for the Huawei Watch is not.

Messengers — same Telegram — cling, but can display only notifications and just like that, as in the photo. You can read the text and if the message is small — it is even convenient. But if the message is a photo or text a lot (you signed on any telegram-channels, for example?) — you’ll have to pick up the phone. And Yes, to reply to messages here at all, not even voice dialing is not provided. And to write messages, of course, also impossible. And to glance at the map, if you are late for something, and the route Navigator, too. Which is a pity.

But autonomy, of course, bomber — here there is nothing to cover.

Among the things you can customize, of course, the first thing to appear dials. Free to upload the dials to your taste, or at least to buy a ready to fail, it is necessary to rely on the imagination of designers Huawei.

Perhaps the number of dials will expand with a new firmware, but so far among them to choose especially not anything else. Arrow seem to me or too minimalistic or too overloaded. The beautiful dial, suddenly, we find that when the clock work in a mode of Always-on-display (always on display). But… once you get out of this mode dial is switched to one of the preset with a very different design. There is no perfection in the world!

And digit displays are not exactly the data that I would like. For example, even the Apple Watch (Apple, in fact, accepted blame for the fact that they do not allow you to customize yourself, right?) there are a few dials where you can choose what data will appear in certain blocks. There is no such.

Also on the Huawei Watch GT2, you can monitor the dynamics of the pulse, and they even determine the level of stress based on heart rate and on your agility. Roughly speaking, if you have a high heart rate and low mobility — it indicates a heightened level of stress.

You can watch the weather forecast, read messages (text only, I recall). But I must say that when a lot of messages to read them uncomfortable. How can you not remember that if you have a smartphone Huawei + Huawei watch, read messages are marked read with hours smartphone. And if the smartphone of any other brand, you flies a bunch of stuff from WhatsApp and VK on the first watch, and then you get to the smartphone and rake the pile of letters again. Although it is not the fault of Huawei, frankly, each manufacturer of Android smartphone — your own little world and closed their algorithms interact with the shell.

As for the calls from: there are two disadvantages — first, the contacts for the address book do I need to add it manually from the app. For some unknown reason, just display the entire address book on the watch impossible. It looks like a list of favorite contacts. Well, you can still place calls to recent call list (outgoing, incoming, missed). The second drawback is the speaker is focused on silence. To drive — at the gym with screaming music to hear each other would be problematic.

And, of course, the watch I have to say, the change of altitude (climb, descend) and on the basis of this conditionally calculate how many calories you spend during the day. There is a motivational circles that allow you to see how close you are to your goal today. All modes of sports training migrated here from bracelets, Huawei/Honor, so here they are complete and cool set. And accuracy, perhaps even higher.


I would not like to repeat again, but among readers of articles, many of those who are too lazy to sink in the main text, but important conclusions. So, if you want:

A large high quality display

Classroom autonomy

Toggle music on the watch from a smartphone

Watch the role player for Bluetooth headphones

The ability to call and/or answer calls from your smartphone, and hours (in range of a mobile phone via Bluetooth)

buy Huawei Watch GT2.

If you just need a alarm clock, uvedomlenie about messages and calls on hands, information about the weather, step counter/load in the gym and sleep monitoring, and need nothing more, makes no sense to overpay — buy Huawei Honor Band 4 or Band 5. If you want a smart watch in the genre of “computer hand” with the ability to view photos, reply to messages, to glance at the map in GPS-navigation, to set individual apps to your liking, you are generally barking up the wrong tree — here there’s no such functionality. So let us drink to our desires always coincided with our possibilities! ©

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