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“The messenger” the newly launched iPhone officially restored SE with 128 GB of memory at a decently reduced price. iPhone SE 128 GB “Like new” previously stopped selling the majority of authorized Apple retailers in Russia, but now, apparently, the stores have started to receive a new batch of smartphone.

It should be noted that it is formally restored iPhone. Restoring the smartphone to the experts of the company Apple, which led the iPhone to a state that is indistinguishable from new. You have officially restored the iPhone a completely new case and battery, full performance, proven full set of tests and warranty from Apple. Read more about refurbished iPhone you can learn from this article.

Special popularity in Russia over the past two years used refurbished iPhone SE. However, in the last several months are iPhone SE began to disappear from many stores since their completely sold out. At the beginning of 2019 SE restored iPhone with 128 GB of memory is back on sale at Svyaznoy for the price of 19 990 rubles. For comparison, the new SE version of the iPhone with a similar amount of memory sold much more expensive — 24 990 rubles.

Previously in “the Messenger” on sale X iPhone restored. This version of the smartphone appeared in Russia for the first time.


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