GENEVA, 15 Nov — PRIME. The competition Commission (COMCO), the Federal Department of economy of Switzerland in the beginning of the investigation in relation to failures of some banks, particularly Credit Suisse and UBS, to use the payment system Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, the statement of fees published on the government website.

We are talking about the alleged refusal of a number of Swiss banks to use international mobile payment system and provide people the opportunity to pay for purchases by telephone. COMCO suggests that banks have deliberately entered into an agreement not to use their cards with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay in favor of the Swiss Twint, which provides a similar service to make purchases using the phone.

As noted, the investigation launched on 13 November in relation to banks Credit Suisse, UBS, PostFinance, and Aduno Holding AG and Swisscard AECS GmbH. The companies were raided.

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