39-year-old Frank Marshall (Frank Marshall) from the American city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, twice in one day tried to pay at the store stolen credit cards and was exposed because he was wearing a t-shirt with his own name. This is the website Fox6 Now.

August 14 Marshall came into the store and bought an iPad, and the console PS4. For this purchase he paid with a credit card. After that he decided to buy an Xbox gaming console and paid the same card. A store employee found the man’s behavior strange and drew attention to the fact that the buyer had a t-shirt that says “Frank”. This name does not coincide with the data indicated on the map.

Later that same day, the suspect returned to the store. This time he tried to buy a laptop from Apple and pay with a credit card, which was given a different name. The Manager refused, the man in the purchase and called the police. Then Marshall tried to escape by car with his partner Harry Miller (Gary Miller).

Police chased the attackers of 11 kilometers. During the chase, Marshall and Miller were thrown from the window of his car documents and credit cards. When police managed to stop their car, in the trunk they found a recently purchased goods.

August 19 men were charged with three cases of the use of foreign documents, resisting police and refusing to stop the car. Later, Miller died. Hearing Marshall scheduled for October 31.

Earlier it was reported that thieves in Athens (Greece) defeated the rare car 1967 Ford Mustang and stole a PlayStation from an electronics store. The stolen car they used as a battering RAM.

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