2019 year Huawei was one of the few manufacturers that continue to release branded tablets, not giving up under the pressure of Apple with its iPad — just this year the company has released its new series of MediaPad M6. And, as it became known, sometimes this persistence can bring such noticeable achievements.

So, the most recent report of the analytical Agency IDC showed that Huawei is currently first in the ranking of manufacturers of tablets on home market of China. But it is important to understand that this market is the largest in the world. Third quarter results revealed that Chinese giant managed to ship more than 2.12 million tablets, increasing the indices by 24.4% compared to the previous year, reaching 37.4% of the total market. This growth has allowed Huawei to lead the list of tablet manufacturers, leaving Apple only on the second place with its 33.8 percent for the iPad.

Interestingly, the third place in the ranking went to Xiaomi, which significantly lags behind the first two companies from the list — it owns only 5.9% of the market, it is still quite surprising given the fact that Xiaomi for a very long time not engaged in the development of its line of tablet Mi Pad.

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