A hacker has created a jailbreak for the Apple Watch

A hacker has created a jailbreak for Apple WatchИзвестный tihmstar hacker working hacking watchOS. This was announced on his Twitter page. It’s jelbrekTime! pic.twitter.com/zc99mS8EAV — tihmstar (@tihmstar) August 4, 2018 Unlock and jailbreak got the name jelbrekT1m3. And, apparently, she is almost ready. Anyway, the developer says so. However, it Continue Reading

7 reasons to install jailbreak

Hacker coolstar recently introduced tools for hacking iPhone Jailbreak Electra. In this regard, it is time to wonder why the need for a jailbreak in 2018, and whether it needs. Jailbreak can improve existing applications There are many modifications for jailbroken iPhone and iPad with which you can greatly expand Continue Reading