Apple overestimated the new iPhone.

Apparently, sales of the iPhone XS and XR the iPhone was less than originally expected Apple. At the end of last week, the company announced to its suppliers and manufacturing partners to reduce supplies iPhone iPhone XS and XR. This was reported today by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, citing intelligence sources.

According to sources, Apple has cut orders for iPhone XR by 30%. That sale more affordable 6.1-inch smartphone is much less than the expectations of Apple were reported before. However, before the insiders were talking about a milder reduction of orders Apple to supply iPhone XR. Apple has also reduced the supply 5.8-inch iPhone XS, but how much is not reported.

In The Wall Street Journal emphasize that this situation is frustrating for Apple suppliers. Due to the reduction in orders from Apple’s manufacturing partners companies are losing most of the profits.

Analysts believe that Apple misjudged the likely demand for the iPhone iPhone XS and XR on the background of falling world market of smartphones. In addition, the demand for the new iPhones in China this year was less than usual.

Recall that last year, Apple similarly had to reduce the supply of jubilee iPhone X. However, despite this iPhone X was the top selling smartphone in the world for more than six months.

Source: WSJ.


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